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How to Train An Aggressive Dog

How to Train An Aggressive Dog

Over the years, dogs have evolved from being mere hunting companions to become part and parcel of the modern families. However, there are few things as frustrating as keeping an overly aggressive dog. If you have such a breed, you probably find yourself at conflict with your neighbors due to one form of aggression or the other. The good news is that all hope is far from lost, especially if you understand how behavior modification works. If you are interested in learning how to train an aggressive dog, roll back your sleeves and read through the following simple steps.


Step 1How to Train An Aggressive Dog

The first step will be to ignore your dog whenever it starts barking when visitors are at the door. Simply make your way to the door, greet the visitor and allow them into the home.

If this does not stop the dog from barking, ask the visitor to repeat the entire process. Repeating this until the dog finally gets the point will tone down its aggression.

Step 2

If you are really focused on how to train an aggressive dog, this is the time to start shopping in pet stores for a restraining leash or preferably a chain collar. Many dogs do not respond promptly when pulled with ordinary restraining leads. However, a chain collar is more effective since it pinches the stubborn dogs, teaching them to respond better to your commands.

Step 3

If you take regular walks or go for jogging sessions with your dog, this could be another avenue to teach it how to stop being aggressive.

If the dog suddenly starts backing at strangers, stop right away and give it a stern “heel” command. This will even be more effective if you turn around and start walking back. If you keep repeating this routine, it will slowly learn that it shouldn’t be unnecessarily aggressive beyond its “territory”. Make sure you give this warning immediately the dog barks and not after returning home.

Step 4

This could be a tough call but you must learn how to remain calm and fearless when the dog latches onto you or a stranger. One of the most effective techniques on how to train an aggressive dog is to ignore all forms of aggressive reactions. This can prove to be highly effective especially if rehearsed with a family member or friend who isn’t so much liked by the dog. After calming down, issue some treats to the dog to drive the point home.

Step 5

If your dog insists on acting aggressively towards a particular person, let that be the person to take care of it. It will be impossible for the dog to keep barking at the person who feeds it, plays with it and rewards it for desired reactions.

Before you know it, your dog will learn how to treat the person kindly rather than aggressively.

Step 6

Plenty of lessons have been taught already on how to train an aggressive dog. However, one of the most effective approaches is to reward it for acts of submission other than punish it for bursts of aggression.

A simple act such as rewarding the dog for avoiding eye contact, lying down or placing the ears back will gradually make it friendlier. A section of dog specialists believe that this approach to behavior modification is more effective than negative measures.

Step 7

If your dog still doesn’t stop aggressing at every person it doesn’t like, perhaps several sessions with a professional trainer will help out. You need to narrow your search to a trainer who has specialized in dealing with aggressive dogs. With plenty of such trainers available both locally and online, it shouldn’t take long to find the ideal one.

In case you are really stuck, your veterinarian could provide a good recommendation. The services will definitely cost you some extra cash, but you will be more than pleased with the results.


If you have been struggling with a stray dog, you must be delighted to have found out that there is so much you can do about the situation. Rather than forward all problems to a specialist, you could follow these simple steps and be proficient on how to train an aggressive dog. With a wide variety of techniques to choose from, it won’t be long before your pet’s behavior improves.